The new single-layer decor from PurChem and BMK is ideal for every room and surface. Whether for flooring or furnishings: it is robust, durable, quiet and very easy to clean. Thanks to top-quality anti-fingerprint coating, there is also no trace of fingerprints. Silent Touch is produced without any PVC or plasticisers, yet still feels pleasantly soft and warm. Because it is noise-reducing, and can be touched without leaving a trace, it is particularly attractive for living areas, offices or shops.

As flooring, its installation height of just 5mm makes it especially suitable for renovations. Installation using the simple and secure Multiclic system is quick and easy – even on top of existing flooring.


The processing of Silent Touch surfaces is done using the same tools and machinery typically used when working with melamine. The workflow in the manufacturing process remains the same, making refitting or a change in procedure unnecessary.


See for yourself. You will be impressed!

  • Closed-joint, anti-fingerprint surface in all colours and designs, from matt to high gloss
  • Very easy to clean
  • Pleasantly soft, thanks to the use of flexible resin
  • Soft-touch haptic
  • Bold, bright colours; intense black
  • Originally developed by PurChem for floor coating
  • As of 2020, Silent Touch is available from BMK for every panel surface
  • No adhesive layer necessary
  • No special tools necessary