Established in 1972, BMK is a family-owned company and one of today’s leading suppliers of surface coated and impregnated films. The BMK Group, consisting of BMK GmbH, Dekor-Kunststoffe GmbH, OOO Interpint Samara and BMK Americas LLC. The BMK Group continually enhances its market leadership position that extends its geographic reach and adds manufacturing capabilities that enables the Company to service Global markets.

Our mission is to build on our history of product excellence and technology innovation to provide the highest-quality and most reliable products and services to our world-wide customers.

Aalener Straße 60
74405 Gaildorf-Bröckingen

+49 (0)7971 - 9565 0
+49 (0)7971 - 95 65 99

BMK GmbH located in Gaildorf-Broeckingen, Germany has four impregnation lines specializing in melamine impregnated products for the laminate flooring industry. It is also the central research and development facility.

BMK Americas LLC
144 Welcome Center Court
Lexington , NC 27295

+1336 731 1425
+1336 731 1433

BMK Americas LLC is located in Lexington, NC USA and has three impregnating lines serving the North American market in melamine films for TFL and laminate flooring.

Dekor-Kunststoffe GmbH
Melbacher Höhe 1
57339 Erndtebrück-Schameder

+49 (0)2753 5080-0
+49 (0)2753 5080-100

DKB GmbH located in Erndtebrueck-Schameder, Germany has six impregnation lines specializing in melamine impregnated products for the laminate furniture industry.

OOO Interprint Samara
Litera 22
443548 Volzhskiydistrict, Smyshlyaevka Samara region

+7 846 212 96 25

OOO Interprint Samara Partnership located ins Smyshlyaevka, Russia has three impregnation lines specializing in melamine and phenolic film for MDF and chipboard, CPL and HPL and films for laminate flooring.