The BMK and the Lamigraf Groups have signed a mutual priority collaboration agreement to offer their customers a top-quality, competitive, integral product worldwide.
The collaboration falls within the context of their specialities, with BMK providing its experience in matters related to paper impregnation and with Lamigraf providing its knowledge about decorative paper printing, based on the following strategic points:

  • Joint efforts in the research and development of new products and solutions
  • Commercial synergies and expansion of the sales force in potential markets
  • Optimisation of the supply chain to provide an efficient, integral service
  • The undertaking of joint investments for the organic growth of the companies

Both companies, with family-owned shares, have set up a long-term strategic plan to deal with the new scenario of the sector which will enable them to focus their efforts on the countries in which they have a presence, by offering a greater added value to their customers, which is an important advance in their professional careers.

Lamigraf is a family company that started its journey in 1976, thanks to the hard work of the people who believed in the project.

Now, with over 40 years, people are still driving force behind it, maintaining the same spirit, continuously learning and facing all challenges to adapt to each moment. With the aim of designing, developing and manufacturing décors oriented to surfaces for furniture and flooring industries, Nature is its source of inspiration.


"At present, with factories in Spain, Germany and Brazil, sales offices in the USA, Turkey, Bangkok and China, and customers spread across all corners of the world, what started as a seed of hope has blossomed thanks to hard work and effort, to become what Lamigraf is today. "


In-house engraving is a key element in offering greater flexibility and adaptability in the face of their customers’ demands. It allows them wider control of the production process, in order to guarantee the most reliable results in each of their designs.

Being equipped with an ink factory at their organization, and having technical and human infrastructure oriented towards the production of the necessary inks for the printing process means that through the research of new products and materials, they are able to constantly improve and innovate products and have a better knowledge of their characteristics of performance.

The human factor is what makes de difference: Lamigraf’s products are made by highly-talented people responsible for ensuring the quality of products and services.

Their goal is to create, adapt and deliver within demanding deadlines. This would not be possible without the most advanced technology they have at every step of the production process, where they have implemented controls in each of the different stages in order to ensure the highest quality of its services.

Lamigraf faces the future with the human ability to understand reality
and to adapt itself to the numerous challenges raised by the market over the years.
It has a commitment to constant integration, improvement of production processes and the internationalization of the company.

The involvement with the customers at all levels,
from design development to manufacturing and order delivery are the hallmark of a company
that guarantees the quality of the final product through their work.